Juan Prieto (Managing Director of CORPORANCE) and Loïc Dessaint (CEO of Proxinvest and Managing Partner of ECGS) were invited to participate in the Policy Committee of European Issuers (EI) to present ECGS and share information and opinions on the proxy advisor industry.

The session was organized by Luc VansteenkisteChairman, and Florence Bindelle, Secretary General of EI at its offices in Brussels on 19 September with the aim of improving dialogue and communication between companies and proxy advisors.

ECGS, the European international alliance of independent proxy advisors believes that there is common ground and agreement for both organisations to work together. Some of the key points established at the session are:

  • The need for a genuine European voting adviser to boost competition and improve transparency.
  • The introduction of new players with a deeper knowledge of the local market to avoid monopolization of the industry.
  • Improving the quality of analysis and transparency in methodology
  • The firm fight against conflicts of interest among the proxy advisors who in turn advise the companies that are the subject of their analyses.
  • Increased dialogue between issuers and investors and proxy advisors


Thanks to Aleksandra Palinska for inviting us to present ECGS.

Click on this link to see the original ECGS presentation

ECGS Presentation

Corporance Asesores de Voto


Corporance Asesores de Voto

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